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dejting i halmstad Predictive Analytics is gaining ground

March 27 2017

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It is perhaps not entirely unexpected that it's becoming more and more accepted that structured analysis yields better decisions. Many organizations have invested heavily in the creation of information systems to support and follow up their business. The trend in big data and the internet of things is driving further investments in sensors and different methods to automatically capture data about the business, its various systems and supply chains. More and more people also recognize the potential of being able to use all the data collected in order to develop and improve their operations.

From analysis to action!

dejtingsajt utan registrering casino A recent nätdejting sport umeå shows that more and more companies are trying to build in and operationalize the analyses of their business processes. The aim is to make it easier and more natural to move from analysis to action. So far, most of the companies still focus on solutions for reporting and visualization of what has already happened. The report concludes, however, that more and more companies are beginning to take an interest in analyzing how the future will unfold, and in the consequences of a particular course of action. It concluded that predictive analytics, optimization and what-if simulations will be the main uses of analyses in the future.

Opus Suite version 2017 - ready for the future

dejting 30 oktober The new version of Opus Suite, which we are launching shortly, takes another step toward addressing this trend. Integration of Opus Suites powerful analyses capabilities in larger corporate solutions are now facilitated by the ability to make use of the JSON format for data exchange.

gratis dejtingsidor i sverige zaremba Through increased integration within the Opus Suite, one can more easily assimilate the strengths of each individual tool for combined analyses. It is now also possible to collect and present detailed results from individual simulations so that a decision maker can get a better understanding and a more complete picture of the consequences in terms of risks and probabilities.

date after 60 days from today Thanks to further improved performance, analyses can be made faster, which also allows analysis of larger and more complex scenarios. With version 2017 Systecon once again shows that the Opus Suite is the leading solution on the market for predictive analytics, optimization and what-if simulations within Systems Life Cycle Management.

Newsletter #1 2017

date after 60 days In our latest newsletter you can read more about Opus Suite 2017 and also how models can support and hold together a project team and create a common reference framework for decision-making. As usual, you will also get new tips that can help you use Opus Suite even more efficiently.

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